Assisted Living vs Home Care

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BlogPost: Assisted Living vs Home Care

Making a decision about how best to care for elderly relatives is one of the hardest choices many people face.  With the prospect of spiraling care costs on one side and significant adjustment to family schedules and work patterns on the other it can often feel like a catch-22. 

Middle aged relatives with young families often face the most difficult decision, as the choice to look after an elderly relative at home frequently impacts household income, and the additional pressure causes stress and strain on previously healthy family relationships. Psychological studies associate feelings of guilt with those who place their parents in senior care facilities, whilst those who look after relatives at home can harbor unspoken resentment, and both can lead to long term depression and other issues. 

Therefore making the best decision you can with the resources available is important to your family's welfare both now and in the future.  In order to support families in making these difficult decisions our partners at the National Council for Aging Care have put together a simple guide which enables people understand the issues and start to make the right choices based on their situation.

View the full guide on the NCAC website