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BlogPost: Tech Evolution

As the pace of technological change continues to increase, people who grew up without the internet can often feel lost when it comes to the latest developments.  However since the evolution of smart phones and social media people over the age of 65 have felt increasingly comfortable using computers to check their e-mail, surf the web, and make video calls to their grandchildren. 

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BlogPost: Physical therapy for kids

Physical therapy is a key aspect of treatment for patients of all ages, however it's particularly important for children to stay mobile - especially those with congenital conditions or those who are full time wheelchair users.  As a result it's likely that your healthcare team will have advised your child to undertake regular physical therapy. 

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BlogPost: Assisted Living vs Home Care

Making a decision about how best to care for elderly relatives is one of the hardest choices many people face.  With the prospect of spiraling care costs on one side and the prospect of a significant adjustment to family schedules and work patterns on the other it can often feel like a catch-22. 

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