Physical therapy for kids

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Understanding physical therapy for kids:  How you can educate yourself for the benefit of your child

Physical therapy is a key aspect of treatment for patients of all ages, however it's particularly important for children to stay mobile - especially those with congenital conditions or those who are full time wheelchair users.  As a result it's likely that your healthcare team will have advised your child to undertake regular physical therapy. 

For some this will be a simple matter of letting the professionals do their job, but others will want to take a more active role in supporting their child, and where possible want to educate themselves about what exercises a physiotherapist is doing, and why.  They may even want to lend a hand and learn how to conduct some of the exercises safely in their own homes. Therefore getting access to the right information can help parents to understand their child's needs and if appropriate support and assist caregivers in a practical and effective way.

The following link is a straight forward resource which provides detailed information related to physical therapy for children, including information about specific conditions, the differences between activities for older or younger kids, and information about specific equipment which may be used as a regular part of treatment.  Although the site is aimed towards practitioners it is simple and accessible for the layperson, and can be an invaluable resource for parents wanting to learn more, and educate themselves effectively.  It can also provide a greater insight into the methods physical therapy professionals are trained to learn, enabling parents to understand more about the process and what to expect from their provider.

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